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Carly Fiorina Pal’ing Around With Supporter of Neo-Nazi Law: Sarah Palin


Elections in California: most of the attention has gone to the Brown v. Whitman race for the governorship of that state.  However, there’s an equally critical race when it comes to the interests of the Latino vote: the race between Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer for that state’s seat in the United States Senate.  As featured this week on Project Economic Refugee, Carly Fiorina is being backed by foreign interests that want her as a U.S. Senator because she would support sending jobs overseas instead of keeping them here in America where Latinos could sure use them.

Featured Video: The Arizona Passport T-Shirt

Check out this satirical take on Arizona’s SB 1070 authoritarian police law:

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Economic Refugee News: Weekly Roundup 06/13/10

  • Via Politico.com: looks like instead of immediately deporting them, Republican Gubernatorial candidate wants Arizona to keep economic refugees in tents; no word for how long.
  • Arizona’s Brown Codes: A Generation’s Fight – By Kent Paterson: “Taken together, the Arizona laws resemble the Black Codes passed in the U.S. South immediately after the Civil War.” Read more here.    
  • Boston.com has these dramatic pictures of the recent Central American natural disasters and reports the following: “In just the past seven days, residents of Guatemala and parts of neighboring Honduras and El Salvador have had to cope with a volcanic eruption and ash fall, a powerful tropical storm, the resulting floods and landslides, and a frightening sinkhole in Guatemala City that swallowed up a small building and an intersection.”  Sign this petition to ask the U.S. government to grant Guatemalans Temporary Protected Status.

Economic Refugee News: Weekly Roundup 05/23/10

Meg Whitman: The Next Pete Wilson?

On the race for California’s next governor, Project Economic Refugee previously exposed Steve Poizner for all his poisonous rhetorical attacks on immigrants, economic refugees, and by extension on Latinos and other minorities. Meanwhile, Meg Whitman, his opponent in the Republican June 8 primary, has been particularly slick on the way her campaign has handled the issue.  She has proven that she certainly knows on which channels she should air her anti-immigrant messages and on which ones she should not: she has shown relative restraint on her T.V. ads but has let loose on the radio, unlike Steve Poizner who to his own political peril has gone all out with his blame-the-immigrants messages on T.V. where you unavoidely reach a more complex political spectrum. 

Economic Refugee News: Weekly Roundup

Immigration May Day Rallies 2010: Where Are You Going to Be?

 Arizona Republicans pulled a suicide pistol on their political careers by passing such racist unconstitutional and therefore anti-America law. These politicians and their allies in the Tea Party crowd are about to get a lesson on what a real rally looks like.   

So where is your city going to be meeting to rally against racist authoritarian police laws (like Arizona’s), and demand immigration reform?

In Downtown Los Angeles, there’ll be a big meeting point on the corner of Broadway and Olympic at 10:00am and will end with a rally at Broadway and Temple.

Boycott Arizona’s Big Government Authoritarian Police Law

Now that Governor Brewer has signed SB1070 into law, there’s been a lot of talk in the past few days about boycotting Arizona (besides the protests, the lawsuits, and the election consequences that are sure to come down on those that supported the law).  However, in order for a boycott to be truly effective, it needs to be as targeted as possible to maximize impact.  I recommend the boycott start with targeting those companies that donated to the politicians that voted to pass the law in the first place. 

AZ Authoritarian New Law Will Increase Crimes

In case you haven’t heard, the Arizona state legislature just passed a new law that will force the police to go after economic refugees (aka “undocumented immigrants”), even when that state’s Association of Chiefs of Police actually opposes this; therefore destroying any sort of confidence or working relations that the police might’ve had with the Latino and other immigrant communities in reporting and fighting crimes in Arizona. 

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network has issued the following statement, which encapsulates our emotions on this:

National Minuteman Group Dies

Looks like the bigotmen aka “Minutemen” National group has disbanded.  Via Allvoices.com:

Border Action Network, an Arizona human rights organization that works on the border is not surprised by the recent news. “There has been a growing disconnect from the national and the local Minutemen chapters,” explains Jennifer Allen, the group’s Executive Director.

The Border Action Network notes the local groups’ increasingly aggressive and hostile membership base. In one incident of alleged aggressive membership behavior, Washington State Minutemen chapter members, Shawna Forde and Jason Bush, are charged with murdering a Latino father and daughter in rural Arivaca, AZ in June 2009. They are expected to go on trial later this year.