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Lame Duck Congress: What Senators to Target for DREAM Act Vote

Ditto what Kyle says over at Citizen Orange, we’ve got a pretty good chance of getting the DREAM Act passed; YES, it’s time to dare to dream, AGAIN!:

[...] my soul felt like our best chance at the DREAM Act was already behind us, that I had already lived through the climax of our success.  My brain didn’t want to admit it, but it’s what my heart felt.  Democrats had promised everyone and their mother something in the lame-duck session.  While I expected a half-hearted attempt at getting the DREAM Act passed, I didn’t feel we’d get a better shot then the one we already had. 

DREAM Act: if Senators’ lines are busy when you call…

…then do this (because word is that the xenophobic anti-immigrant activists will be trying this strategy as well so we need to counter it):

Call Senators’ local offices (as opposed to their Washington DC ones).  You can find Senators’ local district offices by entering your zip code here and clicking on the name of the Senator once it’s pulled up for you.

Target those Senators that are up for re-election this year:


Boycott Arizona’s Big Government Authoritarian Police Law

Now that Governor Brewer has signed SB1070 into law, there’s been a lot of talk in the past few days about boycotting Arizona (besides the protests, the lawsuits, and the election consequences that are sure to come down on those that supported the law).  However, in order for a boycott to be truly effective, it needs to be as targeted as possible to maximize impact.  I recommend the boycott start with targeting those companies that donated to the politicians that voted to pass the law in the first place.