10 ways to get more media coverage for your cause

Would you have like to have more media cover your immigrants’ rights rally?  How about your press conference?  Let’s face it, when it comes to effective P.R. management, sometimes us grassroots organizers don’t have the big budgets that larger organizations do to consult experts.  That’s why we have to be as resourceful as possible and use all the advice we can get.  I’ve found a post particularly helpful over at the ragan.com blog because it had a few basic tips that I had not heard in some of the media workshops I’ve had the opportunity to attend.  For example, check out tip # 2:

2. Reference their work

Want someone to feel important? Then talk about what drives them. For journalists, this includes past stories and columns they’ve written. You don’t have to memorize every word, but rest assured a little reference to past work will make them smile … and remember your name.

Sounds simple enough right?  Then why is this not done more often?  I know I for one when I have gotten some coverage, whenever I reach out to that reporter again it never crosses my mind to mention the last story he or she did on my event.

This next tip was a particular illuminating one as well:

7. Be on call

If you’re actively helping out a reporter, remember to be on call. You expect them to answer the phone at suppertime and seven in the morning, so return the favor. If they call on your vacation, answer the phone!

As activists, I know we’re all overworked but it’s always good to remember that if a media contact for a story is initiated either by you or by the reporter, you definitely need to make yourself available if you want to make sure that you progress in raising the profile of your grassroots organizing work! 

You can read the rest of the tips here; oh but watch out for tip # 8: read the comments on the post, it seems that #8 might not be the best advice … but as far as the rest of the tips go, they’re pretty helfpul.