Congressman Depicted As “Bandido” By Republicans in AZ?

Congressman Raul Grijalva being heavily targeted by outside groups because he’s chairman of the progressive caucus and because he’s stood up against Arizona’s neo-nazi SB 1070 law.  Via Politico:

In another sign that Democratic Rep. Raul Grijlava’s once-safe seat is in play, an anti-tax group is rolling out an independent ad targeting the Arizona congressman for calling for an economic boycott against his state.

Americans for Tax Reform said it plans to spend $230,000 to run the ad, which blasts Grijalva for urging a boycott of Arizona after Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation in April cracking down on illegal immigration.

Regardless of whether you think the mailer is racist or not, there is no question that in this election cycle Republicans have used race-baiting as a widespread tactic to motivate white voters who feel threatened by minorities gaining equal opportunities in our society and get those white folks angry enough to have them vote for Republicans in this election cycle.  Rachel Maddow puts it into context:

As Rachel points out, the Republican strategy of turning out racist white voters to win elections relies heavily on low voter turnout, meaning that no people of color and no pro-Civil Rights white voters turn out to vote.  Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen; make sure you vote!

Update (developing story): Hazardous Material Mailed to Grijalva’s Office in Tucson.

Update # 2: Ed Schultz did a follow up segment regarding this latest development.

Update # 3: apparently the hazardous substance was accompanied by a slip of paper that was covered in swastikas.