Economic Refugee News: Weekly Roundup 09/05/10

  • PBS report: a program designed to crack down on immigration may actually be making communities insecure.
  • Latinos for Internet Freedom: our online freedom is under attack by corporations like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon that want to control the Internet … As the largest community of color in the United States, Latinos number 47 million. Of these, nearly 19 million are online … read the rest of this campaign here.
  • Disturbing: white supremacists continue to infiltrate the environmental movement.
  • CA Senate Race: check out this note exposing candidate Fiorina’s anti-immigrant agenda (who, ironically enough, is pretending to be a “friend” of Latinos).
  • Now that the bill passed out of the CA Senate, please sign this petition urging CA’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign the California DREAM Act SB1460/AB1413.
  • In case you missed this: the U.S. Department of Justice finally started to get more aggressive against the bigot Sheriff Arpaio, asking him to show the Department his papers.
  • …and finally, this update wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer in all of her embarassing glory, which started to unravel in the recent debate she participated in.