Meg Whitman’s New Anti-Immigrant Radio Ad

Looks like the Meg Whitman campaign has gone back to its Pete Wilson playbook even though the whole scandal of Whitman having employed an undocumented immigrant is still fresh in the electorate’s mind.  The new ad now playing across AM stations in California (which tend to be primarily right-wing) is titled “The Sensible Plan” but should really be renamed as “The INsensible One”. 

Listen to the ad by clicking here.

The new radio spot basically twists a lot of the positions her opponent Jerry Brown has taken on dealing with the humanitarian crisis of people crossing the border to escape poverty and hunger … a large portion of whom end up in the state of California.

In the ad, the Whitman campaign implies again that as the next governor she will let all her fury come down on “sanctuary cities” that offer humanitarian services to immigrant economic refugees. 

By the same token, the ad reaffirms her plan to use up people through guest worker programs (and I suppose then get rid of them after she’s done with using up their labor since she does NOT support “a path to legalization”).

Finally, the ad also reiterates her opposition to programs similar to the DREAM Act that would facilitate access to universities for undocumented youth that have grown up in this country.

My guess is that the Whitman campaign is trying to assure the Republican base that she’ll be “tough on illegal immigration” by targeting radio stations in the California media market while at the same time she continues to do cheap publicity stunts to court the Latino vote and is running ads in Spanish claiming she opposed Arizona’s SB 1070 law.