Occupy LA continues to resist eviction

Occupy LA was front page news all day and night. TwitPic photo by @OccupyFreedomLA

Last night thousands of Angelenos showed up to resist the eviction of Occupy LA. I was there last night and witnessed an encampment and surrounding areas packed with supporters of the movement. Some argue that it was such an overwhelming turnout of supporters that made the Los Angeles Police Deparment back off from launching a full raid that night. Today the standoff with the LAPD continues:


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Suffice to say: I think we are all exhausted from last night but that will not deter us from continuing to fight to reclaim the American Dream for the 99%. Here’s some video from last night:

Occupy LA protestors refuse to leave City Hall until their list of 10 demands are addressed at the very least.

Update: a testament of the movement’s endurance? The first edition of the Occupied Los Angeles Times is fresh off the presses. Also, Occupy LA has put out this Emergency Communique.