This is it! National day of action on DREAM Act

It’s time for the DREAM Act to shine.  From Cuéntame:

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, our greatest strenght is ourselves:

No, we cannot let up; we must continue to dream against all odds.

For far too long, our community has been afraid of dreaming […] The disappointments have been many, and the political process can make anyone bitter and cynical. Although fear can have a motivational effect, it can also be paralyzing and blinding to such a degree that it can turn you into your own worst enemy. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid or being cautious; but […] we have to be careful not to let fear paralyze our dreams. We have to realize, that sometimes, the improbable can be made probable, and the unrealistic can be made into a reality. Notice the emphasis on the “we” because nothing will be given to us; we have to take it. Yes, examples of times when we as a community have been let down by the political process are many, but the courage that our community has shown more than makes up for all of the political hypocrisy combined.

Let’s get out there and fight today!