Carly Fiorina & Meg Whitman Love Mexican Tequila

…but maybe not so much a path to legalization for Mexican undocumented workers, and for other Latinos, for that matter?  As featured on the Ed Schultz Show:

So what’s wrong with Fiorina and Whitman doing what most conservatives do: loving all things Mexican (food, beaches, drinks, music, etc.) but yet oppose a comprehensive reform that would give Mexican immigrants a path to U.S. citizenship, you ask?  Perhaps put it best:

Some politicians come across a bit more sincerely when engaging in mariachi or taco politics, and this has to do with how well they know the community and what kind of credibility they have with the gente.

I don’t think either Fiorina nor Whitman have the street cred to be doing this over-the-top pandering.  Specially when Fiorina supports Arizona’s neo-nazi SB 1070 law and Meg Whitman has positioned herself to be the next Pete Wilson.