Economic Refugee News: Weekly Roundup 06/22/10

  • Demand justice for 14-year-old boy Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca; call on the White House to conduct an independent investigation of his murder.  Sign the petition here.
  • Eric Balderas was detained earlier this month while trying to board a flight back to Harvard. He had gone home to visit his mother in San Antonio, who fled Mexico to escape domestic abuse when he was only four years old […] a stellar student who dreams of curing cancer, is being threatened with deportation by the Department of Homeland Security. Read his story here.
  • Interesting New York Times article from 2005: Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions.
  • Nogales International: Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the shooting of an undocumented immigrant near Rio Rico, as well as the discovery of human remains in the same area. Here’s the story. Also check out this Phoenix New Times Blog: The Rio Rico Shootings, J.T. Ready, and Neo-Nazis in the Desert.
  • [The recent] Supreme Court order banning automatic deportation of immigrants for minor drug offenses could impact thousands of of lawful permanent residents who were mislabeled as aggravated felons. Read the Huffington Post here.
  • AFL-CIO President Trumka: …we cannot talk about any meaningful workforce strategy without confronting our own “contradictions, hypocrisy and history on immigration”. Read that blog. Here’s a follow up piece Mr. Trumka wrote on Huffington Post.