Happy Lady of Guadalupe Day

A replica of the Virgin of Guadalupe's icon is in display at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France; the original holy cloak is housed in Mexico City.

December 12th was the day when Maria, the mother of Jesus, is said to have miraculously appeared as the “Virgin of Guadalupe” on the Hill of Tepeyac, leaving her holy image imprinted on the cloak of an indigenous peasant; the cloak still hangs to this day in display inside the main Cathedral of Mexico City.  For those that grew up celebrating her, the Virgin of Guadalupe has become an iconic symbol of mestizo empowerment both in Mexico and abroad and it is fully recognized by the Catholic Church. 

So Feliz Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, everyone!  May she bless us all…

…ahem, one more thing though: maybe you shouldn’t say that around conservatives from the Republican Fox News Network, since it appears that they are opposed to celebrating any Christian holy day that is not typically “white”, like with the Day of Our [Brown] Lady of Guadalupe since every year Fox News advocates to force people to say “Merry Christmas” (singular, in English) instead of “Happy Holidays” (plural) in an attempt to eradicate anything that is not exactly like them; as such, I assume that they would also look down on people saying “Feliz Navidad” by extension.

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