Neurologically-based marketing

I came across this via a newsletter from Air America Media.  Here’s the segment that appeared on “Break Room Live” with Sam Seder & Marc Maron.  It sort of reinforces what I already pointed out in an earlier post  of mine: that sometimes messages that are designed to discourage you from using a product (like the surgeon general’s health risk warnings on cigarette packages that Martin Lindstrom talks about in the video below), actually do the opposite, that is to say, that they encourage some people to use the product.  Gotta say, the Buyology book that Mr. Lindstrom wrote sounds really interesting … I only wished that it were a required text for our class so I could have an excuse to buy it (I’m on a budget) LOL. Below is the segment that appeared on Air America Media

Break Room Live: Sam Seder Talks to a Man Who Can Make You Pay

By Beau Friedlander

Martin Lindstrom is a marketing guru and author of Buyology. Lindstrom purports to warn us about the devastating efficacy of neurologically-based marketing. This is scary stuff, and to be honest, I’m not sure his research (some of it sponsored by big corporations) is cautionary or entrepreneurial, but it’s an interesting read and foretells the future of how worthless crap will be sold in the future: