Progressive Insurance Commercial

You have most likely caught this commercial on TV (this one in particular is geared towards women but Progressive Insurance has a whole campaign with a lot of other commercials that are aimed at other demographics):

I’ve caught them during prime time, usually during TV programs that most working class people would watch like “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” or “American Idol.” 

It’s interesting that Progressive Insurance is trying to bill itself as a package of customer satisfaction, money savings, and just plain fun.  Plus, the focus on comparing insurance companies’ rates really echo what the whole imagery of the commercial is trying to convey: entering into the Progressive Insurance realm is literally entering into a “shopping-around” mode to save money.

The company’s campaign commercials themselves, like this one, don’t take place in real-world areas like some old boring office but rather in some mythical-like store that exists in the online world.  The background colors of the commercial are pure white and blueish colors, which give off the sense that you are in heaven or something and have acheived some sort of bliss. 

The theme of bliss through money savings is not surprising, being that the current ecnomic crisis is very relevant and so this commercial seems to be doing something that most commercials do: tap into some current hot topic and piggy-back on it. 

Finally, the commercial is definitely memorable.  My wallet is aching right now, so if I want some relief, I guess better log in to Progressive Insurance’s website right away.