Stunning: Lou Dobbs Supports Higher Wages for Undocumented Farm Workers?

If even anti-immigrant two-faced Lou Dobbs (who is now supporting the Tea Party) can show some degree of gratitude for the hard labor and essential work that undocumented farm workers do for our country’s economy and even advocate for higher wages for them, why can’t more conservative candidates for public office do the same?  Watch the stunning declaration by Mr. Dobbs at the end of a segment with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell as it relates to the recent testimony that was given by Stephen Colbert before U.S. Congress:  

Most conservatives, whether Republican or Democrat, are too afraid to even acknowledge some gratitude towards farm workers.  Take the example of gubernatorial conservative candidate Meg Whitman in California: she had not just one chance during the 1st debate between Jerry Brown and her but she had a second one during the Univision debate and she still chose to just ignore how tough undocumented farm workers have it at their jobs and what an essential service these workers are doing for our economy.

Update: The Nation magazine has now published an investigative report that reveals Lou Dobbs also employed undocumented workers himself.  Read the report here.

Update # 2: Lou Dobbs debated The Nation reporter Isabel Macdonald on MSNBC’s The Last Word; watch: