Lady Gaga Comes Out Against Arizona’s SB 1070 Immigration Law

[Video] She just made some comments against Arizona’s authoritarian police law at one of her concerts:

This is of particular significance because Lady Gaga is more known for her support of gay rights.  While the LGBTQ community as a whole tends to be supportive of other groups’ civil rights struggles, sometimes it is not always the case on the individual level.  Mutual education on tolerance needs to be accentuated with both sets of immigrant rights supporters and LGBTQ rights supporters.  For this reason, it is always positive to see the cross-pollination of progressive support among both sets of activist groups when it takes place on such a public scale.

pixel Lady Gaga Comes Out Against Arizonas SB 1070 Immigration Law
  • gagarbage

    This woman is an idiot, now that she realizes that her ratings are low compared to Madonna (because she’s just copying her) she feels the urge to criticize Arizona’s SB1070 law like a traitor hoping that her most naive audience will not realize that the law only affects illegals. Let’s delete her songs from our mp3s. GO ARIZONA!

  • YoMama

    FUCK ARIZONA!!! and their racist extremist laws. Lady Gaga is America’s Queen right next to Oprah. RIP Madonna.”The Power of Gooodbye”