Q’orianka Kilcher: Enviro Youth Leader Rock Star?

My peers in the environmental justice movement recently showed me a video of American actress and singer Q’orianka (her father is a Quechua artist from Peru and her mother was born in Alaska), who is an agressive activist for human rights and environmental justice issues:

From Wikipedia:

Kilcher has made a commitment to human rights and environmental activism. She speaks on behalf of various causes to achieve what she regards as environmental justice and basic Human Rights. Traveling frequently to speak at youth events, colleges and universities, Kilcher has been a featured keynote speaker for organizations such as Amnesty International, the IFG international Forum on Globalization, Amazon Watch IFIP and The United Nation panel discussions entitled “Indigenous Peoples: Human Rights, Dignity and Development with Identity”, in collaboration with the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

She also lends her celebrity, voice and energy as spokesperson, collaborator and supporter to several international and national NGOs and organizations such as Amazon Watch, Youth Ambassador Amnesty International (Global Youth Ambassador for woman’s Rights) AIDESEP (Spokesperson and Voice) Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest Federations) The Community School for the Arts foundation (volunteer/spokesperson) and Thursdays Child (youth counselor) Turning The Tides(volunteer/spokesperson) Save Americas Forests, IDEM (South Dakota Youth Project) and is a spokesperson for the American Literacy Campaign (The only teen Native American spokesperson in history.

Apparently Q’orianka really gets youth fired up-they just love her.  Have you heard her speak live?  Since it sounds like her father is from Peru: if you happen to be Peruvian, what are your impressions of her? What do you think of her activism? I ask because it’s the first time I’ve heard of her.