Netroots Nation 2010: Video of Panel on Rise & Fall of Air America

In case you missed the Air America – The Good, The Bad, The Ridiculous panel with Josh Norton, Laura Flanders, Nicole Sandler, and Sam Seder:

Here’s my previous post when I found out Air America had folded.  Suffice to say, I thought it was depressing to see Air America disappear from the air waves.

Most revealing tidbits from this panel for me: how a memo was discovered being circulated, advising sponsors not to advertise on Air America.  Also, sounds like management did not know how to really interact with their progressive audience … in other words, sounds like they were clueless about having an Integrated Marketing Communications strategy.  It was all old model and old ways of marketing and not really about building an interface to effectively interact with its progressive audience.

Anyway, how about you?  What did you find most revealing from what was said on this panel?