Anger at Summer Townhalls Over Tea Party “Job-Killing” Budget Cuts

Many conservative politicans like Mitt Romney are vowing to hack away at job-creating projects

Across the nation, the summer of 2011 has been marked by angry rejections of the so-called “Tea Party budget cuts” that are viewed as hacking away at the health of the U.S. economy. Many American are worried about the cuts’ impacts on their livelihoods and have started to come out forcefully against the Tea Party’s hard lines of austerity. The Tea Party is also getting some heat due to their staunch stance against having wealthy corporations pay their fair share in taxes.  Having wealthy corporations pay their fair share would have long ago balanced the budget, reduced the deficit, and created jobs through stimulus spending but it is something that far right wing conservatives simply do not accept.

During the past recent debt deal negotations, Representatives in Congress affiliated with the Tea Party pushed for a cuts-only approach, which resulted in an immediate negative reaction in the stock market.  Arguably, had it not been for a positive consumer spending report most likely aided by the slow but marked drop in gas prices and some positive job reports, the economy would have continued to spiral down out of control.  According to economists across the political spectrum, the cuts-only directive of the debt deal will have a disastrous impacts on our economy unless an urgent job creation initiative is launched to spur economic growth.  Moreover, according to the Center for American Progress, the debt deal will also result in hacking away at many essential programs that help Americans get themselves out of poverty.

There is a lot of anger out there and people are demanding action right now-not months from now.  In Los Angeles, for example, a very large Latino delegation of neighbors will join other folks from all over Los Angeles this Saturday morning, August 20th, as part of a national so-called American Dream Movement effort to fight for a more fair economy.  People that attend these rallies nationally are either out of work, retired, day laborers, part-timers but have all one thing in common: they are all struggling in this economy.

Over 1,000+ Angelinos will be partaking this Saturday in Good Jobs L.A.‘s “Kitchen Table Summit” event to push back against Tea Party politicians’ agenda of refusal to make wealthy corporations pay their fair share of taxes-money that could be used to pay better salaries, create good jobs, invest in our communities, and put into our schools to give a better quality education to our children. You can read mored details of the event (time, location, background) by clicking here.  The event was featured recently on local station NBC4:

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