Can you help bring Project Economic Refugee to your neighborhood?

Every little bit of support helps!

Back in October, Project Economic Refugee asked its readers to give their input in regards to what they like, don’t like, and suggestions on where the project should go next.  Here are a few key results:

What you liked:

  • That it’s unique in advocating the use of the term “economic refugee”, based on academia but that it’s fresh and follows the news of the day.
  • The down-to-earth quality of the project and how it invites dialogue and conversation on a wide range of topics.
  • That it is a one-stop shop for information and specific actions for you to do your part to bring about “positive change”.

Based on the input regarding the major things you didn’t like about the project, there were a few things that you thought the focus on improvement should be:

  • You definitely did not like the look of the site.  You thought there was too much going on visually and that easthetically it wasn’t as “official” looking as it should be.  The layout theme since the survey was run has changed and some plugins have been installed as intermediary steps to address your concerns.  As a follow up, we’re working with a supporter of the project right now to spruce up the look of the site.  Any amount that you can give would help, and if you’re able to give as much as a $50.00 contribution, it could help the project enormously towards this end.
  • You loved the content that but would like to be reminded of when new pieces are published on the site because it is too easy to get lost in your daily mix of things that you keep a watch on.  Currently, the project is advertising new published pieces through an e-mail feed and its social media channels but there is no system in place to help the project streamline and grow our base of supporters.  We can change that by implementing an adverstising strategy that can go guerrilla-style to raise awareness for the project.  A $25.00 contribution could help the project get more exposure not only with readers but with potential funders that could further support our growth.    
  • You would like to see Project Economic Refugee more connected to what is going on locally where you live, especially when it comes to getting exposure through on-the-ground organizing and community events, relations with other Latino groups, and facilitate opportunities for you to connect to what is going on locally in terms of activism in the vincinity where you live.  We would love for the project to start attending community events, conferences, and outreach to local organizations for potential partnership opportunities.  Any contribution: $15.00, $25.00, $45.00 will help cover potential registration fees, travel costs, and other expenses. 

There was more valuable and really helpful input that you guys provided and I want to thank you for all of it; the project will now be able to improve and serve our community better thanks to your help.  The project put out a call for you to help us improve and you came through strong by taking the time to give your two cents in regards to where we should go next.  Now the next step is to raise some funds to put Project Economic Refugee into turbo drive; I hope you are able to contribute by clicking the “Donate” button below and help get us closer to our new 2011 goals!