Can you help me win this scholarship?

Help Project Economic Refugee get to Netroots Nation 2011!

I’ve been invited to speak in at least a couple of panels at this year’s Netroots Nation, which is the largest convention of progressive bloggers in the U.S.  Can you please vote for me at the link below today for a scholarship that would make it possible for me to attend?

Without this scholarship, I would be unable to attend, as I cannot possibly cover the costs of attendance on my own.  Can you help me get there so I can bring Project Economic Refugee to Netroots Nation for the first time ever?  Be sure to vote today!

Already voted? Check out this link here to find out more about bringing Project Economic Refugee to your neighborhood. 

Thank you in advance!

Update: don’t think it’s too late for your vote!  1st round winners have been announced but THERE IS a second round so your vote counts more than ever!