Heal the Bay No. 5 in “Top 7 Ways to Volunteer in SoCal for 2010”

Do you live in Southern California?  Looking for ways to support your community?  If you happen to live in L.A. County, check out this piece that ABC Channel 7 put together that featured the top 7 good cause organizations to volunteer for in SoCal.  I disagree somewhat with the ranking though: I think Heal the Bay ought to be listed at least as No. 3 or No. 4 but hey that’s just my bias 😉 Anyway, check out the video below of the report on the Top 7:

How about your list?  Do you live in L.A. or in other parts of Southern California and have a favorite organization you like to volunteer for that was “snubbed” in the ABC Top 7 list?  Why do you like to volunteer for said organization?  What makes it special … the people that manage the organization, the work it does, its popularity, its influence?  What about those organizations that you would not like to volunteer for? Why? …and, if you’re wondering: yes, I’m looking for gossip; after all, what would life be without it? :-)