LGBTQ Film: A documentary on gay Latino youth

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The very first feature length documentary on gay Latino culture in Los Angeles.

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A documentary following the lives of 3 young gay Latino men in Los Angeles. The first documentary of its kind, this film aims to bring love to homes and families while attending to broken hearts. It addresses political issues about marriage, the idea of acceptance, and social oppression. The recent suicides of gay youth due to emotional bullying that occurs at school, in the home, and within the gay community serve as red flags to prove this film is deeply needed. 

An untold story of a journey into adulthood and the search for identity while dealing with issues of family, machismo, religion, culture, and life in Los Angeles. Three stories: a 22 yo Chicano X gangster from South LA, a 22 yo post-Berkeley Salvadoran activist from East Hollywood, an artsy and bohemian 23 yo Mexican immigrant living in the heart of downtown LA.

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Message From the Filmmaker: Jonathan Menendez
I have been working on my film for about 5 years and have launched a virtual campaign to raise funds in order to complete the film. I hope that you can donate anything that is in your pocket and in your heart to give. I have a few days to raise the money, all or nothing. If I don’t reach my goal of $15,000 US by April 30th– I won’t get any of the money and your credit cards won’t be charged.

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Jonathan Menendez I Producer / Director I  Evolutionary Productions