Lame Duck Congress: DREAM’ers on MSNBC!

Following in the footsteps of Keith Olbermann being on the breaking news of the DREAM Act, The Last Word show’s website is featuring a segment on DREAM’ers as a preview for a special that will be co-sponsored by Voto Latino and MSNBC that will air on Monday 10PM ET:

The segment was part of a conversation the host of the show, Lawrence O’Donnell, had regarding the DREAM Act.  Here’s O’Donnell discussing the news of the DREAM Act being brought up for a vote during the lame duck session: 

Voto Latino’s Maria Teresa Kumar made a couple of excellent points that are key: 1) the DREAM Act would represent a rare instance of bipartisanship between the two parties and would be in line with the post-election message of Republicans and Democrats “working together”, being that that piece of legislation has a support from both Democrats AND Republicans in Congress and 2) it would be in the best interest of both parties to ensure the DREAM Act passes: for the Democrats it would be a follow-through on a promise and for the Republicans it would represent a sign that they got the message from the Latino community after they took a beating at the voting booth from Latinos in the midterm elections.  The question, of course, will be if the two parties see it that way or if they will capitulate, once again, to the pressure from the few (mainly from right-wingers) rather than listen to the majority of Americans (70% of them) that support the DREAM Act.

Update: we need more of what MSNBC is doing producing content and airing it that is supportive of immigrants’ rights.  If you have twitter, please be sure to tweet to thank them and encourage them to do more with something like this:

Thnx @MSNBC @votolatino 4 cosponsorng @MSNBCVL w/ @TheLastWord @Lawrence O’Donnell & @mtkumar in supportof #DREAMAct