Presenting “Beyond Latino Outreach” at the LA Green Festival

As Latinos swell the ranks of the 99% movement, we are encouraged to re-think "Latino Outreach".

Project Economic Refugee will be presenting at the LA Green Festival this weekend. The workshop will be a continuation of the “Beyond Environmental Justice“ panel presented at the Netroots Nation conference that took place in June of 2011 in Minneapolis.

If you haven’t heard, the LA Green Festival is taking place this October 29-30, near Downtown L.A. (at the LA Convention Center).

It will attract many enviros across the social and political spectrum. I will be speaking in a workshop titled “Beyond Latino Outreach” in the Social Media Hub on Sunday, October 30th at 12:30PM; here’s the link to the schedule and more information:

FYI admission is $10.00 if you buy online and free if you’re a student. More details/other prices here.