Univision Debate Between Brown & Whitman

California gobernatorial race: in a sign of just how important the Latino vote has become in the state of California, Democratic candidate Jerry Brown and Republican candidate Meg Whitman made history as they faced off in a first-of-its-kind all-Spanish debate hosted by Univision. 

Here’s my favorite question of the debate:

Notice how Meg Whitman sidestepped the question of rewarding the hard work of undocumented immigrants for their positive contributions to our economy.  Her only proposal is a “guest worker” program, which would not give these immigrants full working rights and protections.  Good on Jerry Brown for calling her out on it and pointing out how such a program would only amount to squeezing these human beings for their labor and just send them back when people like her are done with them without even a thank you for their hard labor (an issue that received quite a bit of media attention recently thanks to Stephen Colbert’s testimony to Congress).

Watch video of the entire debate: in English here and in Spanish here.

Here’s the complete transcript of the debate in English.

Putting things into perspective: if Steve Poizner had won the Republican nomination instead of Whitman, do you think Poizner would have agreed to making history like this?