[Video]: author of AZ immigration law doesn’t even know what’s in it

Thanks to Immigration Talk with a Mexican American for sounding the alarm off on this.  Watch Senator Huppenthal squirm as he falsely states that this new law does not legalize racial profiling (it in fact, does legalize racial profiling because it forces police officers to stop someone if they have “reasonable suspicion” of someone looking like an “illegal”, which can be dangerously interpreted as anything the police arbitrarily chooses, for ex. if someone merely looks brown). See for yourself: incredibly, it appears Sen. Huppenthal does not even know what was in his own bill:

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I’ll add to this by repeating what I have said on this previous post of mine:

…it seems that the focus right now is in how this law will lead to unprecedented racial profiling. While that is important to point out, the topic of how this law will probably lead to an increase in crime rates is getting lost in the media coverage.  When you talk about this with your friends, be sure to point out how this law will destroy the Arizona police’s ability to work with the immigrant community to report and combat crime because all trust between the two parties will be destroyed.