"40 million illegals"?

That’s what protesters of healthcare reform are shouting.  Yup.  They’re shouting at the townhalls that the reform would cover “40 million Illegals.”  Besides the fact that their angry violent shouts are pretty disturbing onto themselves, their claims are just based on lies.  Read this article:

Right-Wingers Are Stirring Up Xenophobia to Swiftboat Health Reform
By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted August 4, 2009.

I’ve blogged about this ongoing grotesque attempt to blame the healthcare crisis on Latinos:

Instead of scapegoating Latinos, support Public Option in Healthcare Reform:

Extremists love to bring up how “illegals” are overwhelming the Healthcare system yet they hardly ever talk about how the Healthcare system itself is a joke in this country.

Instead of blaming refugees, people should be talking about the things (like Universal Healthcare or the standwithdrdean campaign) that the U.S. government could implement to solve the healthcare crisis.

By the way, reports have come out before that have debunked the claims that “immigrants abuse the health care system”. Back in 2007, the Center for American Progress published such study.  To access it, visit this link.

It seems, nevertheless, that the right-wing knows no limits with their hatred of brown people.  They are on a self-destructive path and they can’t help themselves.  A new poll has come out that clearly shows that Latino support for the Republican Party has hit new time lows in light of the racist onslaught of attacks that Sonia Sotomayor had to endure to get confirmed.

Sadly, in the meantime the real culprits for our healthcare crisis are not being called out: the insurance companies.  Instead of scapegoating Latinos for the healthcare crisis, the American public would do itself a favor and go after the REAL bad guys: