Border Patrol Shoots & Kills 14-Year-Old Boy

MSNBC reported just this morning that border patrol shot and killed a 14-year-old boy:

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The AP note on this can be found online on FoxNews’ site here and reveals this:

The boy’s sister, Rosario Hernandez, told Associated Press Television News that her brother was playing with several friends and did not plan to cross the border.

“They say that they started firing from over there and suddenly hit him in the head,” she said Monday.

His mother, Maria Guadalupe Guereca, told Milenio TV in Mexico that her son had gone to visit his brother, who handles luggage at a border customs office. While there, he met up with a group of friends and they decided to hang out by the river, she said.

[…] She said he ran and hid underneath one of the bridge’s pillars upon hearing gunfire.

“He was a boy, and even then they killed him,” she said. “I ask that they punish them. … They left me without anything.”

Sergio Belmonte, spokesman for the Ciudad Juarez mayor, said state justice officials have the body and are performing an autopsy before releasing the body to the family.

The boy was shot once near the eye, and authorities found one 40-millimeter casing near the body on Mexican soil, said Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the Chihuahua Attorney General’s office. Authorities are still investigating the bullet’s trajectory, he said.

Update: via the raw story on the boy.

At the El Paso Times, Daniel Burunda reports, “U.S. authorities would not confirm if someone died, but Mexican news media reported a young man was dead. Some outlets showed photos of the body under the Puente Negro, or the Black Bridge, just west of the Paso del Norte Bridge.”

Update #2: El Paso Times now has the picture of the boy’s feet here and reports this:

Special Operation Supervisor Ramiro Cordero said border patrol agents on bikes were assaulted Monday night by rock-throwing members of the group. He said members of the group entered the United States through a gap in the border fence.

They threw rocks at agents, Cordero said. Then one of the agents fired at the group.

Chihuahua state officials said today that the boy shot dead was Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca, a Mexican national. They asked for a full investigation of the shooting.

[…]The Border Patrol did not identify the agent who fired. He has been placed on paid leave, Cordero said.

The Mexican Secretary of State today condemned the death.

Mexican officials said they want the U.S. to conduct a full investigation into the events that prompted the shooting.

The use of firearms in response to a rock attack is a “disproportionate use of force,” officials said.

Update # 3: as if this boy’s murder was not enough, there’s now reports of two Latino men murdered in Arizona coincedentally after an anti-immigrant rally.

Update # 4: Huffington Post is now reporting also, adding the following:

Less than two weeks ago, Mexican migrant Anastacio Hernandez, 32, died after a Customs and Border Protection officer shocked him with a stun gun at the San Ysidro border crossing that separates San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

Last week the San Diego medical examiner’s office ruled that death a homicide.

Update # 5: new update from Huffington Post.

Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the Chihuahua Attorney General’s office, said a spent .40-caliber shell casing was found near the body – raising the question of whether the fatal shot was fired inside Mexico, although he did not explicitly make that suggestion. That would violate the rules for Border Patrol agents, who are supposed to stay on the U.S. side of the border.

A U.S. official, meanwhile, said video shows the Border Patrol agent did not enter Mexico.

The official, who agreed to discuss the matter only if not quoted by name, said the video also shows what seem to be four Mexican law enforcement officers driving to the edge of the dry but muddy bed of the Rio Grande, walking across to the U.S. side, picking up an undetermined object and returning to Mexico near the area where the boy’s body was. Like their U.S. counterparts, Mexican law officers are not authorized to cross the border without permission.

Update # 6: puts it all in perspective.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent shot and killed a 14-year-old kid under a bridge on the Texas border while he was hanging out with friends. Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca had no plans to cross the border; he may or may not have thrown a rock at an agent, for which he was shot in the head. This is the legacy of Arizona-think. Shame.

Update # 7: [Raw Spanish Video Interviews] In this video a man who seems to be a relative, claims the boy was shot in the back of the head and the mother of the boy mentions how the boy was used to playing in the area where he was shot so she does not understand why people were asking her if he had tried to cross the border. In this other one, an anynomous interviewee mentions that the boy did not do anything to deserve being shot; they only thing he did was look at what was going on. Finally, this video shows various scenes from this tragic day.

Update # 8: Univision has this exclusive video that was captured by a cell phone camera of the border agent shooting the gun.  You can hear a woman say in Spanish “he was already on this side [Mexican soil]!”