Two Latino Men Murdered in Arizona

In more disturbing news related to border violence: two Latino men were killed; Immigration Talk with a Mexican American is reporting that one of the men found dead was clutching his birth certificate covered in blood and that eerily, this happened the day after Barbara Coe, leader of the hate group California Coalition for Immigration Reform incited attendees of a “Phoenix Rising” Rally to “lock and load”. Read that post here. It may be that the two events (the Phoenix Rising rally & the murders) have no relation to each other, but taking previous experience into account on the consequences of violent anti-immigrant rhetoric, it raises concerns nevertheless about the potential for such links to eventually take place. Here’s the video of the local Phoenix News segment:

Update: report.

The victims had tattoos indicating that they’re from the area. The victims were not carrying IDs, but one had a birth certificate on him so blood-soaked it could not be read. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has not made a conclusion on the victims’ legal status.

Here are some links to some local news outlets that reported on this:,,, CBS5, Arizona Daily Star, and CBS13, all of whom did not mention in their reports that one of the victims was found dead clutching a birth certificate covered in blood.  To add to the strangeness, American Chronicle has this bizarre note up on its website:

Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies, Arizona State and Federal Investigators are just now on the scene of an apparent double homicide near milepost 150 on Interstate 8, which is the same area that the U.S. Border Fire Report, […] reported recently showing the same area as the Arizona Concerned Citizens set up watch posts to help detect illegal smugglers just east of Gila Bend Arizona. […]

[…]According to the Concerned Citizens they offered and alert authorities and the public to the dangerous area between Gila Bend and Casa Grande Arizona their efforts were to help observe and report the daily invasion across our southern border with Mexico.

[…]Concerned Citizens group had just lift the area a few days earlier they say in view of this latest shootings they are ready to deploy again, to video tape and educate Americans about the real threat to National Security and our public safety.

The group is in support of Jan Brewer signing SB1070 and say they want to help educate the public. They say “It´s time to bring back the” Minuteman Type Lines”

The group pointed out that there are 30 miles of area in a straight line that they covered the last time around. They’ll go back and do what they do best….. “DETERRENCE BY PRESENCE”

[…]The locations of deployment were the very area where these two killings took place. They established multiple base camps at major choke points.     

Update # 2: here’s the video of the Phoenix Rising rally that Immigration Talk with a Mexican American refers to.

Update # 3: Video of the report.