DREAM Act as stand alone bill?


Photo from www.facebook.com/DreamAct2010

Here’s a note I got from a fellow immigration reform activist this morning:

The DREAM Act is not yet dead, but passing it is going to take real commitment on the part of each and every one of us who care about justice and value that huge pool of incredible brains, talent and commitment — young adults who simply want what the best and brightest of all our youth want — to live productive lives in this country that they have known as their own, many since they stood by the sides of their desks to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. 
Several Senators have said they support the DREAM but voted against it because it was an amendment to a Defense bill. If they are true to their word, then they should vote yes on a stand-alone bill.
Please respond to any and all action alerts in behalf of the DREAM Act!  Please begin today’s calls Now!
This appeal is from Presente.org:
Please click here to join us in calling on Sen. Reid to bring DREAM to the floor as a stand-alone bill before Congress recesses so that thousands of other DREAMers can be recognized full-fledged human beings in the only country they have known as home.

Here’s also a video from America’s Voice Online of DREAM youth activists that was taken right after the Senate vote: