Organizing for America joins fight against those that opposed DREAM

Perfect timing: on the heels of Project Economic Refugee exposing those that blocked the DREAM Act that are up for re-election this year, Organizing for America joins the call to fight back.  Here’s the copy of the e-mail that just went out: 

Organizing for America
This week, Senate Republicans unanimously stood in the way of justice.They blocked a vote on ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which would have finally allowed gay and lesbian members of the armed forces to serve their country openly. They did the same for the DREAM Act, legislation that would have offered children of undocumented immigrants who are willing to work for a college degree or serve in the military the chance to contribute their talents to this country and earn the rights that come with being an American. Even those Republicans who previously supported these measures voted no, catering to an extreme base instead of embracing the best values of this country.  I’m hearing from people who are upset — and I’m angry too. The best way for us to fight back is to make sure our communities know what’s at stake in these elections.  This is just more proof of how they’d govern — and a reminder of the crucial choice facing the country this fall.  

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We’re going to keep fighting hard, on these issues and on so much more, even when it’s a steep, uphill climb. 


I’m glad you’re part of this movement.  
Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America


I applaud Organizing for America for sending this out and I have one small thing to add: let’s NOT forget about one conservative Democrat that deserves to be thrown out of office this November as well: Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, (up for re-election this year) who also blocked and got in the way of our DREAM becoming a reality.  As I said before: let’s make these people pay!

Update # 2: Immigration Reform for America joins the call to fight.  Copy of e-mail that also just went out:

Reform Immigration FOR America


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On Tuesday, the Senate had the opportunity to move forward on the DREAM Act as part of the defense authorization bill. Instead, Senate Republicans blocked the debate from even starting. Not a single Republican senator was willing to stand up for the DREAM Act.

Now we know who’s standing with us – and more importantly, we know who’s standing against us.

The senators who stood in the way of the DREAM Act and immigration reform this week have shown that they’re not willing to work with us. It’s time for us to show them where we’ll be standing this Election Day.

Make your voice heard on Election Day.

It’s important that everyone who can vote shows up to the polls on November 2nd. It’s the best way for us to show the politicians and bureaucrats the power of our movement. Some of them recognize our power and have stood up for what’s right. And some have decided they want to ignore us. This Election Day, we must show them all what we’re capable of by turning out to vote in record numbers. Only when they see us voting will they hear our voices.

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Thank you,
Marissa Graciosa
Reform Immigration FOR America

PS – Even if you’re already registered to vote, or can’t register, there are ways to get involved in this fight.