DREAM Act: if Senators’ lines are busy when you call…

…then do this (because word is that the xenophobic anti-immigrant activists will be trying this strategy as well so we need to counter it):

Call Senators’ local offices (as opposed to their Washington DC ones).  You can find Senators’ local district offices by entering your zip code here and clicking on the name of the Senator once it’s pulled up for you.

Target those Senators that are up for re-election this year:


Richard Shelby of Alabama
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
John McCain of Arizona
Johnny Isakson of Georgia
Mike Crapo of Idaho
Chuck Grassley of Iowa
Jim Bunning of Kentucky
David Vitter of Louisiana
Judd Gregg of New Hampshire
Richard Burr of North Carolina
Tom Coburn of Oklahoma
Jim DeMint of South Carolina
John Thune of South Dakota
Bob Bennett of Utah


Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas
Barbara Boxer of California
Michael Bennet of Colorado
Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
Roland Burris of Illinois
Evan Bayh of Indiana
Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
Harry Reid of Nevada
Kirsten Gillibrand of New York
Chuck Schumer of New York
Byron Dorgan of North Dakota
Ron Wyden of Oregon
Patrick Leahy of Vermont
Patty Murray of Washington
Russ Feingold of Wisconsin

Lastly, don’t forget to focus on those Republicans that have been identified to be inclined to vote for the DREAM Act:

Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe, George LeMieux, George Voinovich, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Mike Johanns.