DREAM to be voted on next week!

It’s official: poised to make a downpayment on immigration reform, Senator Reid announced that the DREAM Act, which would allow children of immigrant economic refugees to attend college, will be introduced as an amendment to the Defense Reauthorization bill.  Video via the advocacy group America’s Voice Online:

This is HUGE news, taking place after months of inaction and mere lip service by this Congress and President Obama on the matter of immigration reform and right on the heels of hearing word that the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would be also voted on next week in a similar congressional maneuver. 

So what’s the latest whip count? Who do we need to target to make sure this gets passed?  Fired UP. READY TO GO!

Update: if you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out this excellent campaign that has been coordinated by Citizen Orange that has been having DREAM students write letters to President Obama urging him to push the DREAM Act forward.

Update # 2: putting it into context-while all the attention in the media was on the uber-conservative Tea Party wins on primary night 09/14, it seems that the progressives bagged a few victories of their own this week-Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge and will now be put up for a vote next week, the DREAM Act was scheduled for a vote for next week as well, and finally they were capped by progressive candidate Ann McLane beating conservative Democrat Katrina Swett for the Democratic Party nomination for one of the New Hampshire seats on the House of Representatives.  Definitely interesting…

Update # 3: here’s a useful tool of America’s Voice Online to send a fax to your Senator urging him or her to vote YES on the DREAM Act.  You can also call them: dial (888) 254-5087 and tell the switchboard operator to connect you to the Senator that represents where you live.

Update # 4: so latest I hear is that Univision DC reported that we will need 5 Republicans for the DREAM to pass?  Anyone know who the 5 Republicans will be that need to be targeted for their YES votes?

Update # 5: the following Republican Senators have been suggested that might be inclined to vote for the DREAM Act: Scott Brown, Snowe, McCain, Lindsey Graham, LeMieux, Voinovich, Hutchinson, and Johanns.

Update # 6: unbelievable, McCain is threatening to block the Defense Reauthorization bill?

Update # 7: very timely today via OneAmerica: Immigration Reformers Crash GOP Senators’ offices.  Visit OneAmerica’s site here.

Update # 8: DailyKos is very behind on covering this, but it finally got around to doing so.  The post over at DailyKos exposes some very ignorant comments that were made by Senator Lindsey Graham, who questioned what the DREAM Act has to do with our national security and why it’s being included in the Defense Reauthorization bill.  Suffice to say, Senator Graham’s comments are very offensive to Latinos, Asians, and other immigrants that want to serve or are currently serving in the U.S. military.  The Senator’s comments are also highly offensive to our military men and women in inform that have brothers or sisters or other family members that would benefit from the DREAM Act.  Check out the DailyKos post here.  Also, check out this piece by the Wonk Room, which covers more in detail the reasons why the DREAM Act would support our national security.

Update # 9: Citizen Orange reporting that President Obama has made the following statement: “I will do whatever it takes” to pass the DREAM Act. 

Last Word: IF Republicans don’t want to endanger their chances of making electoral gains this November, they need to vote YES on the DREAM Act.  Otherwise, do we need to remind them about a little something called the Latino Vote?