In case you missed it, the DREAM Act was featured on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, highlighting how it has the potential to be a first step towards comprehension immigration reform to solve our broken immigration system.  Keith had Rep. Luis Gutierrez on to discuss how this momentous vote has the potential of impacting the “enthusiasm gap” for Democrats that the media keeps on obsessing about. Watch Rep. Gutierrez talk about how President Obama clearly feels passionate about his support of passing the DREAM Act and about how the legislation would support our national security:

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Keith also had Clarissa Martinez on from the National Council of la Raza to discuss how Republicans better be careful if they plan to block a vote on the DREAM Act because Latino voters, whether they are registered Democrats or registered Republicans, will not forgive a “no” vote on the DREAM and will remember that come this November at the voting booth:

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Overall, it’s very rewarding to see the DREAM Act rising to national attention like this.  However, I’m a little puzzled as to why other prime time MSNBC hosts have chosen to ignore the DREAM Act vote.  I’m not surprised that Chris Matthews has not covered the DREAM Act on his show yet because he tends to be disconnected from how important the Latino vote is … but no coverage from the Rachel Maddow show? The DREAM Act has the potential of completely altering the dynamics of the November midterm elections and yet no mention of it? What is going on? Also, Ed Schultz’s show did not cover it either, which is also a bit disappointing because sometimes Ed can be a little bit edgier than his fellow MSNBC hosts.

Update: check out this Twitter petition asking Keith Olbermann to have on his show “DREAMER’s” (actual immigrant youth students that have been doing activism in support of the DREAM Act; photos here).

Update # 2: this also prompts the question: do we need to start a petition for Rachel Maddow & Ed Schultz asking them to cover the DREAM Act too?