Tell Rachel Maddow: Invite DREAM Act Youth Leaders!

Even though the blogosphere and twitter have been on fire the past few days since Harry Reid made the announcement and Keith Olbermann featured the news of the DREAM Act being voted on next week, to this day the Rachel Maddow Show has not done a segment on it.  It would not be a stretch for her to cover the momentous vote on the DREAM as a first step towards comprehension reform, being that her team has been doing quite a lot of coverage this year on the topic of reforming our immigration system; just take a look at her MSNBC Blog archives.  In fact, it would be a perfect follow up story for her. 

So, following the queue from my friend Kyle over at Citizen Orange starting a petition to ask Keith Olbermann to have DREAM Act youth leaders on his show, I’m starting Project Economic Refugee’s own petition to ask Rachel Maddow to finally cover the DREAM Act.  Actually, if Rachel Maddow features the DREAM Act youth activits before Keith Olberman does, she would not only make up for the snub she unwittingly made against hot immigration reform news but she would be outdoing her peer Mr. Olbermann all in one swoop.  The twitter petition can be accessed here and asks the following:

petition @maddow to FINALLY cover #DREAMAct YouthActivists on her show #p2 #ri4a RT to sign

So who are the DREAM youth activists?  There’s lots of them … would you like to meet them?  Well, for starters you could check out Citizen Orange’s Letters to Obama,, or you can see them on video-DREAMpositive has lots of video featuring these inspiring courageous leaders.  Here’s just a sample video:

Update: well, it seems that the vote on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will get live coverage but yet STILL no coverage of the DREAM Act?  Here’s Rachel’s announcement that she made on Sept. 20:

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Update # 2: started a new post here tracking whether or not Rachell will FINALLY cover the DREAM  Act.