Going to Netroots Nation 2011 Minneapolis!

In case you missed it when I announced it earlier on Twitter, I was notified today that I was one of the recipients of the Democracy for America/America’s Voice scholarship.  This means that they’ll cover my costs so I can attend and bring Project Economic Refugee to Netroots Nation for the first time ever.  As you may recall, I started asking for your vote in support of my application since last March.  Since then, I’ve just been overwhelmed by all the support you all gave me … last time I checked I got 122+ votes, catapulting me onto the front page of the DFA Netroots Nation Scholarship webpage and placing me among the top vote-getters.  You really made my application stand out and I just couldn’t be more grateful.  Seriously, after a rough month of up and downs in my world, this was really timely.  I promise I will represent with pride; thank you to all of you that voted for me … you gave me an awesome gift and I will certainly keep you posted on any more udpates on this!

Update: here’s the complete list of Round Two winners (which includes me) of the DFA/AV scholarships.

Update # 2: the announcement of all Round Two winners has also now been posted on DailyKos.

Update # 3: the third and final round of winners has been completed as of May 6th: the complete and final list of scholarship recipients for 2011 can be accessed here.

Update # 4: the date and time of the panel which I’ll be speaking on has been set.  Click here to access details.  The panel’s title is Beyond Environmental Justice: Making Conservation Inclusive and Representative.  It will probably be webcasted so stay tuned!