In Santa Barbara: [IN]Secure Communities Program

Was this ICE program a misrepresentation of what it was initially billed as?  Via the Santa Ynez Valley Journal:

“(Secure Communities) is doing a better job of breaking up families than making the community safer,” said Bridget Kessler of the Immigration Justice Clinic, which helped obtain the data after filing a request under the Freedom of Information Act earlier this year.

Kessler said that the program co-opts local law enforcement into doing immigration enforcement, “thus destroying the relationships among police and the communities they serve.” In Santa Barbara County, the number of non-criminal illegal immigrants deported is above the national average; however, in Travis County, Texas, 82 percent of deportations were of non-criminals.

“This indicates that there may be an issue with racial profiling,” Kessler contended. “The local police may be targeting people on the basis of their race or appearance, and the person is being deported, regardless of whether there was a legal basis for the initial arrest.”

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