#Nov17 is “Tax the 1%” National Day of Action

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UPDATE: with Occupy Wall Street getting evicted in New York, is November 17 taking even more of a significance with the “We Are the 99%” movement roaring back even stronger and more influential in our national politics?

UPDATE 2: are eviction raids on Occupy Wall Street being coordinated across cities? That’s what some are speculating, as apparently leaders from more than 18 US cities are in communication. More information here.

UPDATE 3: The Guardian reports on how the NYPD enforced a media blackout of the eviction:

New York police attempted to impose a media blackout as they cleared Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park late last night.

As police swooped on the park in the early hours of Tuesday, the city closed airspace in lower Manhattan to prevent news helicopters taking aerial shots of the scene. Vans were used to obscure views of the park and a police cordon effectively blocked accredited media from reaching the site. Some of those members of the press who were in the park or were able to get there say they were arrested, pepper sprayed or treated aggressively.

Is the 1% using its police power to silence the 99%’s message of “taxing the rich”? The super rich and powerful may try to evict Occupy Wall Street from encampments, but they will never be able to evict the ideas of a movement that has captured the imagination of the American public.

This coming November 17 will be a big national day of action. It will be a continuation of the 99% rejecting Congress’ stubborn refusal to make the super wealthy reponsible for the very same economy their big corporations broke. Not only have conservative politicians refused to tax millionaires to fund job creation programs, but now there’s plans to stick it to the 99% even further under the guise of “reducing the deficit”. The “Super Committee” is due to come out with recommendations on “reducing the deficit” on November 23rd. They’ll probably propose budget cuts to social programs instead of making millionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of taxes at a time when corporate profits are at an all-time high. In other words, they’ll want to “reduce the deficit” by making the 99% of us pay instead of asking the 1% to pitch in to help.

In anticipation of this, November 17 will be a big day of action to highlight what “the 99%” is demanding of the Super Committee. As Greg Sargent of The Washington Post comments on the results of a new poll that just came out:

* The public opposes the supercommittee “making hundreds of millions of dollars in spending cuts to Medicare and Medicare through increasing beneficiary costs,” 76-19. A majority, 52 percent, strongly opposes these cuts.

* The public supports the supercommittee “increasing taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations,” 66-31. A majority, 52 percent, strongly support these tax increases.

Democrats have agreed to the entitlements cuts, even though a majority of Americans strongly opposes them, on the condition that Republicans agree to the tax increases on the rich and corporations. Republicans have not agreed to those tax increases, even though a majority strongly supports them. There you have it.

The Indypendent reports:

The National Day of Action is the latest in a series of alliance-building actions that have attracted new supporters to the Occupy movement while also educating the public about corporate greed and the need for democracy. The announcement of the Nov. 17 action came on the heels of the beginning of a march from New York City to Washington, D.C. Dubbed “Occupy the Highway,” the march, which began Nov. 9, is scheduled to arrive in the nation’s capital on Nov. 23 — just in time for the Congressional “super-committee” deadline to announce a deficit-reduction plan.

Here’s also a promo video for the event:

In Los Angeles, the action starts at 7:00 am in Downtown at the corner of 3rd and Hope Street (click here for more details). Is your city planning to participate on this day? Can’t wait for November 17 and want to take action now? Contact Republicans (click here) and Democrats (click here) and tell them “tax the 1% instead of punishing the 99% of us with more budget cuts”.