Also in the next chapter for Occupy LA: Occupy ICE

LAPD may have evicted the camp, but the 99% Movement has evolved beyond just tents.

NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION: Occupy the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agecy. Thursday, December 15 at 11:00 AM.

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[…] waged labor is key to having access to income and the basic rights of citizenship, a relationship that has long functioned poorly for those outside the regular labor market, including the poor, the unemployed, unwaged female workers, immigrants, and others, but today all forms of labor are ever more precarious and insecure. Labor continues to be the source of wealth in capitalist society, of course, but increasingly outside the relationship with capital and often outside the stable wage relation. As a result, our social constitution continues to require waged labor for full rights and access in a society where such labor is less and less available. –AdBusters.

Hundreds will gather at the Olvera Street Main Plaza and head over to the Federal Building at 300 N. Los Angeles Street.

We will demand that ICE stops tearing hard working families apart.

We are a better country than that. We, the 99%, know that we can do better.

The 1%- Wall Street banks, big corporations, and the super wealthy would rather see us divided, fighting among each other.

The 1% would rather attack immigrant families to distract us from all the reckless corporate greed that crashed our economy.

Meanwhile, the 1% profits from the exploitation of workers, immigrant or otherwise.

But we, the 99%, are not going to be fooled anymore.

We know that ICE targeting hard working immigrant families is a distraction.

When we, the 99%, stand up for all hard working families, everyone benefits.

Instead of attacking working families, we should be focusing our energies on creating good jobs for everyone.

We should be focusing our energies on holding big corporations accountable to improve working conditions.

We should be focusing on passing comprehensive immigration reform to stop the exploitation of workers.

That is we will call on ICE to stop doing the dirty work of the 1% and instead stand with the 99% of us.

We believe that in our country everyone should have the chance to prosper. And we believe that this right to prosper should not be exclusive to the few in the 1%.