What is your political orientation? Take the quiz!

Have you ever wondered whether you’re a Republican or Democrat? Libertarian or Liberal? Left-wing or Right-wing?  Conservative or Progressive? New media is so interactive nowadays, that you can find out instantly by answering a few questions so you no longer agonize about it your whole life (LOL). 

This quiz tells you how progressive or conservative you are (percentage wise and compared to the rest of the U.S. population); while this other one breaks it down for you in more detail across various categories.   

Still, oftentimes there is quite a lot of confusion/lack of knowledge about what “progressive” means, what “left” means, or what “liberal” means, without realizing that those labels carry connotations that are sometimes identical and mean the same and other times they differ from one another within a historical context, how all of that compares in contrast to “right-wing”, “conservative”, or “re-gressive”, and how those labels sometimes span across party lines.  Let us not forget that one of our most “progressive” presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, was actually a Republican (although that was back in the day when “Liberal Republicans” actually existed and were looked upon positively).  Here’s a good link on wikipedia that defines “progressivism” pretty succintly.

Here are a few videos on the topic:

Finally, check out this speech that Bill Moyers gave at the 2003 “Take Back America” Conference, which provided an excellent background on the progresive movement in the U.S. (The “Take Back America” Conference has now morphed into the “America’s Future Now!” Conference).